Friday, August 30, 2013

NWACC Fraud - Student Count, Funding, and Course Offerings

It was a privilege to work for NWACC as a full-time faculty member for almost a decade. I can tell the community that I believe most faculty at the community college have student interest at heart and are wonderful. The faculty are in large part hired through committee  recommendation. These committees are full of educators and community business men and women in the field. In contrast, the vast majority or all the administration of the college is following a dictatorship type model of hiring practices that do not effectively support educators and there responsibilities to students. I know this as a fact. It was evident in my many years at the college that students do not have a fair opportunity to finish a degree for so many reasons. 

One reason, low enrollment which is a fact for many departments at the community college. This low enrollment causes classes to be cancelled and sometimes eliminated from a degree program. The college does not notify the public of these degree course changes / deletions thereby changing or even taking away a student's right to a successful path to either graduate or proceed in a timely manner to earn a degree. As a full-time faculty for a decade at NWACC we were given the charge to fill our classes with students to essentially meet a quota. This demand was spear headed by the President of the college, Becky Paneitz, and her administrative VP's, such as Steven Gates, and the deans. 

Students of the college are advised inappropriately and often times by people with no background in degree programs at NWACC. Conclusion, the college has evolved into a business model with no regard for education as a top priority. Enrollment is also misrepresented by the college leadership. All you have to do is stroll down the halls and view dead space of the facilities throughout each and every week. The equitable funding plea of the college needs review by the state. I can tell you that this college is over funded in an area of the state where it ought to be able to support itself if managed properly. 

I intend to bring the truth forward on the colleges fraudulent representation of its student count, leadership struggles, and unrealistic plea for funding from the state. An internal audit of faculty and associate faculty would support everything I mention in this statement. In conclusion, you have just heard a statement from a former leading faculty member with almost ten years history with the college. 

I would recommend students go to the U of A where education is a top priority. It may cost a bit more but at least all your credits stay with you and you will get a valuable degree. The degrees at NWACC are not what they seem and full of repetitive courses lacking substance. This fact can be evidenced very well and students should not attend a school like NWACC where most courses are being taught at sophomore levels in local high schools.

The business of this particular college, NWACC, needs audit and review to correct its current state of operation. I believe other accredited schools have moved into Northwest Arkansas to offer a valuable option to the fraud of NWACC. I would encourage a future student or parent of the student to ask questions through this blog in order to be informed by the facts. As citizens and former teachers in this institution we can give you questions to take to the college advisors and administration that will reveal these truths. 

I enjoyed many years at NWACC and the U of A as a faculty member. Please ask the right questions and be informed. This will give you traction with your degree interest and only help you succeed. I would gladly answer any specific questions about why I believe students should not attend NWACC. 


Previous Full-time Faculty Member