Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Agencies to File Formal Complaints Against NWACC

It is important that ALL agencies be notified of wrongful treatment by NWACC and formal complaints be submitted to each of the following contacts.  The paper trail is crucial.  Here is a list of agency contacts:

The White House:  202-456-1111
US Academic Ombudsperson (Stafford Student Loans):  202-377-3800
*(If you have private student loans be sure to contact them, too)
*(If you've received a scholarship, be sure to let them know, too)
Higher Learning Commission (Accredits junior colleges):  800-621-7440
US Department of Education:  214-661-9490
US Dept of Education - Civil Rights Division:  214-661-9679
The US Equal Employment Commission (EEOC):  http://www.eeoc.gov/
Arkansas Dept of Higher Education:  501-683-2609
Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor:  501-324-6336
Arkansas Senator Boozman: 202-224-4843
Arkansas Congressman Womack:  202-225-4301
Arkansas Governor Beebe:  501-683-6412
Arkansas Attorney General McDaniels:  501-682-2007
Arkansas Benton County State Representative Tim Summers: 479-273-0773
Arkansas Justice Commission:  800-952-9243
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Compaints:  800-872-5327
The Freedom of Information Act booklet:   http://www.arkansaspress.org/publications/38-foi-handbook
*(This is a must read on how to obtain public information and your student records from NWACC)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Submitting Formal Complaints Against NWACC

 Photo of Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC)

Students and employees of NWACC who have a legitimate grievance can submit a formal complaint to The Higher Learning Commission, the agency that accredits all junior colleges around the country.  The contact person there is Carrie Caine and her phone numbers are 800-621-7440 and 312-263-0456.  Be sure to contact her first before submitting a formal grievance with NWACC because NWACC does not address grievances.  Instead, they rataliate, which is against their own policies and procedures.  You need to make sure the proper authorities are aware that you will be submitting a formal grievance to NWACC so that it can be monitored to ensure that NWACC handles it correctly.  If you are a nursing student, then you should also submit a formal complaint to the organization that accredits nursing programs around the country.  Each allied health program has an agency that accredits them and makes sure they are in compliance and that is the agency that you should submit a formal complaint to.  Employees of NWACC can also submit a formal EEOC complaint. Be sure to document everything. It is legal in the state of Arkansas to secretly record your classes and your interactions with your bullies, so get a digital recorder and keep it on at all times while you are on campus. If you have any further questions, please submit a comment on this blog and it will be answered.

Evaluate NWACC at This Site.

Photo of Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC)

If you want to grade and evaluate NWACC and their teachers, go to:  http://www.ratemyprofessors.com.  You will be able to evaluate the school as a whole and individual teachers.  Be sure to name your bullies.  If you want to remain anonymous (which is suggested so as to avoid more harrassment), then create a new e-mail address that does not have your name in it. No person should have to endure this treatment and this is a way for you to stand up for yourselves.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

EEOC Complaints Filed Against NWACC

Recently, there have been several EEOC complaints filed against NWACC.  NWACC's academic mobbing mentality has created much turmoil within its establishment.  It is a most unhealthy environment to work at, creating relentless bullying, hatred, ill-will, sickness, etc.  We wonder just how much tax payer dollars NWACC has paid out in legal fees over the years.  Currently NWACC pays $305 per hour to their attorneys.  Considering how many legal problems NWACC has, this adds up to be quite a lot of tax-payer dollars.

NWACC is Being Investigated by Two Agencies

 Photo of Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC)

NWACC is currently being investigated by The Higher Learning Commission, the agency responsible for accrediting community colleges, and by The Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care, the agency responsible for accrediting respiratory therapy programs.  NWACC has been found to be in violation.

NWACC Close to 3 Million Dollars Off on Budget

 Photo of Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC)

NWACC has been so irresponsible with their financial affairs that they are currently almost 3 million dollars off on their budget and are dipping into reserve money.  This certainly cannot last much longer before they run out.  NWACC has been fined by the IRS three times and pays a hefty fine each time.  This is taxpayer dollars and tuition dollars NWACC is throwing away.  Furthermore, NWACC currently has the highest tuition fees in the state of Arkansas.  To verify this, go to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education's Website, click on The State Fact Book, and view info for 2011 and 2012.