Friday, July 27, 2012

Submitting Formal Complaints Against NWACC

 Photo of Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC)

Students and employees of NWACC who have a legitimate grievance can submit a formal complaint to The Higher Learning Commission, the agency that accredits all junior colleges around the country.  The contact person there is Carrie Caine and her phone numbers are 800-621-7440 and 312-263-0456.  Be sure to contact her first before submitting a formal grievance with NWACC because NWACC does not address grievances.  Instead, they rataliate, which is against their own policies and procedures.  You need to make sure the proper authorities are aware that you will be submitting a formal grievance to NWACC so that it can be monitored to ensure that NWACC handles it correctly.  If you are a nursing student, then you should also submit a formal complaint to the organization that accredits nursing programs around the country.  Each allied health program has an agency that accredits them and makes sure they are in compliance and that is the agency that you should submit a formal complaint to.  Employees of NWACC can also submit a formal EEOC complaint. Be sure to document everything. It is legal in the state of Arkansas to secretly record your classes and your interactions with your bullies, so get a digital recorder and keep it on at all times while you are on campus. If you have any further questions, please submit a comment on this blog and it will be answered.


  1. Excellent advice, BullyWatchDog! This is very helpful to all the NWACC bully victims. I hope these victims are following through. It's about time NWACC's 30-year history of bullying is brought to light. It's an abomination and I'm ashamed of how badly NWACC reflects on our community. They give us a bad name.

  2. Good thinking. I just hope everyone is submitting complaints. There must be hundreds of complaintants out there.