Saturday, December 29, 2012

NWACC's Allied Health Programs a Farce

It has come to our attention that NWACC's Director of Nursing, Elaine Halloway, and her nursing staff up and quit half way through the Fall 2012 semester because the Dean of Allied Health, Mary Ross, is impossible to work for and impossible to work with.  Mary Ross is a bully who enjoys ganging up on and victimizing individuals who she feels inferior to or who are far more intelligent than she is.  The proper psychological term for this type of personality is a "narcissistic hater".  If you are not sure what this definition entails, just Google it and more than enough information will pop up.

Because of the internal strife between Dean Ross and Director Halloway, those who are forgotten about are the nursing students who pay for their education and for the salaries of those employed at NWACC.  Our understanding is that this past semester was a complete and total disaster.

Additionally, Mary Ross has her prized bully victims who she selects each semester, one from each allied health program.  These victims are the brightest shining stars who Dean Ross resents.  Consequently, Ross destroys their education, their future careers in the medical industry, as well as their reputations.

We are currently wondering why and how Dean Ross has so much power to carry out her bullying while the CEO's of NWACC turn a blind eye to it and, indeed, condone it.  How is it that they continue to allow her to carry on in such a brutal and unprofessional manner?  Who is she related to and who is she connected to?  We assume she is well connected for her to continue on with her "academic mobbing".

Arkansas tax payers, we pay a millage to NWACC, which means that NWACC not only belongs to the students who pay their way, but to us as well.  It is time that we take a stand with this corrupt institution and make some positive changes.