Friday, August 31, 2012

NWACC's President Becky Paneitz

Photo of NWACC's President Becky Paneitz (A bully!)

This is NWACC's President, Becky Paneitz.  Her reign at NWACC has been riddled with scandals, corruption, and "academic bullying".  Thankfully she is on her way out. We strongly hope the Arkansas Department of Higher Education will hold her accountable for her uncountable wrong-doings.

This is how her mission statement reads (

Thank you for choosing NorthWest Arkansas Community College. Your decision to start or continue your education with us will be a most worthwhile endeavor.  It is an investment that will reward you with great dividends in the future.  Our mission is to serve and strengthen northwest Arkansas through learning for living.  Our objective is to promote positive changes in the individuals, families and communities that we serve.  We promise to be responsive to your needs and celebrate in your achievements.

While you are attending classes here at NWACC, remember that every member of our faculty and staff shares your goals for educational success. You will find unsurpassed dedication throughout the entire campus and a learning environment that is designed to help you make the most of yourself. We are especially proud of the small classes and personal attention every student receives. We have modern facilities, state-of-the-art computer labs and a wide range of support services.

Please make this a special time in your life. You are preparing for a world filled with new opportunities.  I wish you my best for an enlightening and rewarding experience here at NorthWest Arkansas Community College.

Becky Paneitz, Ph.D.


  1. Former VP of NWACC, Jane Guyton, was to become the president of the college instead of Paneitz, but the good-ol-boys didn't like Guyton because she was very popular and kind to all. She resolved issues and did not tolerate unfairness and bullying. Instead, Paneitz was hired and she, too, did not like Guyton because she was jealous of her and so Paneitz fired Guyton. Guyton is another one of NWACC's victims.

  2. Patrino, Paterno, Paneitz. Is there a connection here?

  3. She says, "Your decision to start or continue your education with us will be a most worthwhile endeavor. It is an investment that will reward you with great dividends in the future." This is an absolute joke. Firstly, NWACC provides a lousy education and, secondly, where is the investment for all of their wrongfully expelled students who end up with no degree and a lot of student loan debt?

  4. In reading Paneitz' mission statement, all I can do is laugh. It's all a bunch of hog wash. These NWACC people are smooth talkers using well-rehearsed convincing voices. But, they simply lie through their teeth. When are Arkansas politicians and the media going to get smart, or are they, too, just turning a blind eye to all the evil-doings going on at NWACC?

  5. I watched a news bleeper one eve when Paneitz announced her "retirement" (or was she forced to retire?)and she stated that she would like to be an advisor to the Arkansas Board of Higher Education (ADHE). I sure hope the ADHE is smart enough not to take her up on her offer. That could be as disasterous as her reign at NWACC.