Thursday, January 30, 2014

Non-Anonymous/Anonymous Wronged NWACC Student Responds to NWACC News Article

Non-anonymous/Anonymous student’s responses are in brackets contained herein.

The Benton County Daily Record
Author: Unsigned Editorial – 1/28/2014

With Unsigned Claims, College Responds Well

“Anonymous pamphlets, leaflets, brochures and even books have played an important role in the progress of mankind. Persecuted groups and sects from time to time throughout history have been able to criticize the oppressive practices and laws either anonymously or not at all … It is plain that anonymity has sometimes been assumed for the most constructive purposes.” Hugo L. Black – Supreme Court Justice, 1937-1971 [Wise man]

“To me, constructive criticism is when people take ownership of their ideas. That’s why I don’t listen to anything that’s anonymous.” Brene Brown – Research professor and author [It is clear that Ms. Brown has had no experiences with NWACC. If she had, she would likely have a different perspective.]

The still new president of NorthWest Arkansas Community College responded as well as anyone could to claims of bullying contained in an email criticizing the atmosphere in the school’s nursing program. [I believe the new president of NWACC truly wants to resolve these issues, but she has very little to work with at this point in time. What is sad for her is that she has likely jumped into the tiger’s mouth without having been given the courtesy of being forewarned. If this is the case, this was a gross injustice done to her. It is my opinion that had she been forewarned, she would not have accepted her new position as president of NWACC.]

No heads rolled. No disciplinary action. No unpending of the program. [Don’t forget to mention that no formal grievances were filed either. This is when the bullying and harassment escalates to new heights.] Why not? [Because I chose to not be anonymous, and as soon as I filed my formal grievance, these NWACC bullies immediately retaliated and brought my up against disciplinary action and my grievance has never been heard to this day . I’ve lost everything – my good credit standing, my career in respiratory therapy, my house. I’ve been severely punished for having attempted to stand up for myself. After learning this lesson the hard way, I chose to be anonymous and was stalked, harassed, outed, and had a law suit slapped on me. So, you see, there is no justice with this bullying machine.] 

The claims were sensational. They were also anonymous. [Indeed they were sensational – and true – and anonymous for a very good reason. The NWA media has known about me and my identity for years, but thus far they have refused to tell my story even though I have the documentation and evidence to back it up. Again, anonymous or not, I have been unable to get my story out there, and my grievance heard so as to help prevent other wronged NWACC students/clients from having to go through the same brutality. My due process rights were grossly violated, per the United States Constitution, per the Arkansas Constitution of 1874, and per NWACC policy. NWACC broke almost every one of their own policies in the handling of my grievance that was immediately turned into disciplinary action and wrongful expulsion just three weeks prior to graduation and after attending NWACC for 3.5 years. Additionally, there were the two years of brutal bullying that I was forced to endure by respiratory therapy director, Alan Clark, respiratory therapy instructor, Michelle Frazier, and dean of health professions, Mary Ross. And I have interviewed countless wronged NWACC students whose stories are similar to mine.]

Anonymity at the least raises questions about veracity and credibility [I respectfully disagree. There is a fallacy to this argument that I have already elaborated upon.] People who do not openly stand by their criticisms do not deserve the same attention as those who will. [Again, I respectfully disagree. The NWA media has known about NWACC corruption/bullying for years - it’s been going on since they opened their doors in 1990 - but uses this discrediting of the anonymous argument as an excuse not to have to cover these stories. To discredit the anonymous who have obvious and real concerns because they are in fear for their safety and well-being is the same as turning one’s back on those who are in the most need of help. Those who choose to be anonymous are clearly oppressed individuals and they have very good reasons for wishing to remain anonymous. My suggestion for how to deal with the anonymous is to listen to their stories and study their evidence to see if their choice of remaining anonymous is legitimate or not. I believe it is a gross injustice to just dismiss anonymous individuals based on the fallacy of this argument.] 

This criticism came from “Concerned NWACC Nursing Class of 2014.” The email so signed claimed two instructors singled out students to “bully, harass and sabotage their efforts to learn.” [This is exactly what happened to me and to many other wronged NWACC students/clients/victims.] It also was critical of teaching techniques [Correct – they don’t teach much in the nursing program, nor in the respiratory therapy program. They read power point presentations to the class and use trickery methods in their testing practices. They also practice grades tampering.] The sender(s) alleged program instructors initially failed 63 percent of the class then changed grades to reflect a 20 percent failure rate. [I have the evidence to prove that grades tampering occurs at NWACC.]

A reporter for this newspaper made contact with the email account from which the note was sent, identifying its user as a woman who believed her letter speaks for “just about every student in the nursing program.” [Yes, it does. This student is absolutely correct about this.] “We are taking the allegations from these anonymous students very seriously,” President Evelyn Jorgenson said in a statement. “I am personally looking into the situation and reviewing all available information.” [Thank you, President Jorgenson. There are so many wronged NWACC students/clients/victims who appreciate your efforts to get to the bottom of this. I possess all the information that you need in order for you to understand the immense task you have ahead of you in resolving these issues. I’m here and I’m not anonymous, and I am the face and voice for these students. My story is their story. Their story is my story.]

Jorgenson is responding exactly as she should [Indeed, she is], by investigating what she can about the claims contained in a document that could be accurate [It is completely accurate], could be completely false [Let’s strike this option] or could result from misunderstandings [Let’s strike this option, too. These claims are completely accurate and there are no misunderstandings.] The assertions made deserve a serious examination solely by their nature. [Indeed they do. An in-depth investigation by a neutral third party of the entire institution would be highly recommended. I believe this undertaking requires that President Jorgenson be provided with help as this is an almost impossible task for her to have to undertake alone. She needs and deserves help.] 

It’s fathomable prior college administrators viewed the anonymity as the only factor, using it to dismiss the need for a more in-depth review. [They used this as an excuse to dismiss their students/clients/victims in order to cover up their rampant bullying and corruption.] The sender of this e-mail clearly feels retribution or, worse, inaction. [Actually, it’s the other way around. The retaliation after submitting a formal grievance is much more brutal than inaction.] Jorgenson seems to appreciate the value of dealing with such issues directly, and that can only serve to help diminish the anonymous fears and concerns. It will be instructive to learn what comes of the complaint. [I’m here to help you in any way I can, President Jorgenson, with whatever information you need. I, and my cohorts, have all the information you need to get to the bottom of this.]

Strangely, while the anonymous sender(s) claimed instructors were not teaching and students learned only through their own efforts, a local hospital who hires from the program reports having no issues with the nurses they’ve hired. [Very strange, indeed. This person is a CEO sitting in his ivory tower and has no clue what’s going on in his very own hospital. Most NWACC students I interviewed were informed that the local hospitals strongly dislike NWACC students. I, too, was told this. In fact, the UofA will no longer take NWACC nursing credits because they know that NWACC teaches very little to their students.]The college needs a robust program that is challenging academically. [Yes it does, which they don’t have. Rather, it’s all about trickery, grades tampering, bullying, favoratism, and harassment.] After all, nobody wants to have the D-minus student who barely passed working his floor at a hospital. [Correct, but what about the A student whose grades have been tampered with and altered to show a D-minus?] 

Nursing is a tough job, so a nursing program ought to be tough, but certainly not abusive. [NWACC’s nursing program is tough, but only in the sense that these students are put through a rigorous two years of bullying, harassment, grades tampering, favoritism, nasty politics, dividing and conquering the class, and the list goes on and on. It’s horrific what NWACC’s nursing program and respiratory therapy program puts their students/clients/victims through. It’s in total violation of the universal declaration of human rights.]

(And, yes, this editorial is unsigned. That’s not anonymity. The daily editorial reflects the stance of this newspaper as determined by an editorial board made up of Publisher Rusty Turner, local editors Mike Jones and Leeanna Walker and Opinion Page Editor Greg Harton.)

[Signed Non-Anonymous/Anonymous Wronged NWACC Allied Health Student/Client/Victim (it doesn’t much matter, anonymous or not, the end result is the same.)]


  1. I am stunned to learn that the bullying which is going on in the NWACC Nursing program right now has been going on for years.

    If someone could tell us who has been fighting this battle we would like to help.

  2. I am stunned to learn that the bullying which is going on in the NWACC Nursing program right now has been going on for years.

    If someone could tell us who has been fighting this battle we would like to help.