Sunday, January 19, 2014

NWACC Investigates Claims of Bullying in the Nursing Department

ROGERS, AR -- The president of Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) said she's looking into claims that students are being bullied and forced out by the college's nursing department.

In a statement, Dr. Evelyn E. Jorgenson, NWACC President said, “As president of NWACC, it is my responsibility to support the mission of the College and to help our students maximize their potential and exceed expectations. We are taking the allegations from these anonymous students very seriously."

She addressed some of the claims recently made by an anonymous group of former and current students noting the NWACC Nursing program is approved by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing.

The group of students reported the school's claim of a program pass rate of  97-percent was fabricated but Jorgenson said the number is accurate and comes from the National Council for Licensure Examination's 2013 statistics.

Jorgenson also remarked NWACC does have a process for resolving complaints and grievances toward faculty and staff members, including being able to file one anonymously and noted that there has been no grade appeal or grievance during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Earlier this month, an anonymous e-mail arrived in Jorgenson's inbox, saying certain instructors were sabotaging students efforts to learn.

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