Friday, January 3, 2014

NWACC Nursing Program Fails 63% of Nursing Class of 2014

In December of 2013, it came to my attention that there were many problems with NWACC's nursing program in Bentonville, Northwest Arkansas. I have been a nurse for many years and also  hold a Nursing Home Administrators license. I know that nursing school is demanding, but what I don’t know is why recently NWACC had a 65 percent student fail rate of their Nursing Class Adult II.  As the students watched on their home computers, the fail rate went from 65 % to 20 %, which I"m sure had something to do with administration practicing the federal cybercrime of insider hacking. So in a span of a few short minutes, all students watched some grades increase and others not. So where is the fairness in that? And what kind of nursing program is NWACC running? I am familiar with policy and procedure, I do it every day, and NWACC is callously ignoring their own policies and procedures. 

I did contact NWACC's Dean of Allied Health, Mary Ross, to discuss these problems. She was unwilling to discuss anything with me, a mother of one of these students, and insisted that the students bring the problems to her. I assure you the students had been to Mary Ross numerous times with complaints long before they “flunked out”. I do have an investment in NWACC, I may not attend there, but my many dollars have supported a student as my child attended this program. My child has been successful in previous college courses, had served in the military for several years, so I doubt the blame of her failure of classes is her fault. I"m sure many previous students believe the same. I could go on and on with the information I have. 

The nursing program at UAPB in Pine Bluff was suspended, and their chair resigned, for the very reasons that NWACC carries on -

NWACC needs to be cleaned up in much the same manner and NWACC Dean Mary Ross, too, needs to resign. I do know that a lawyer has been retained recently for the NWACC Nursing Class of 2014, and I know that other lawsuits are already on the table, and the media has been contacted. It is time to revamp NWACC and the entire Arkansas State Board of Nursing.  

Mother of Wrongfully Failed NWACC Nursing Student in the Class of 2014

It was requested to hold a meeting between NWACC's Dean of Health, Mary Ross, NWACC's President Jorgenson, S.V.P. Steven Gates, and these nursing students, but they were denied this meeting to take place. Instead they were told that they must go through the long and arduous task of NWACC's appeals process, which will not end in their favor. These students should not have to be put through this because they did nothing wrong. It is Ross, and senior NWACC leaders, who are doing wrong to these students. 

These students might consider refusing to go through the appeals process and demand that this meeting take place. These students are the Clients of NWACC and they pay the salaries of everyone in this institution. They deserve much better than this! Students - get all your parents on board, go to the Bentonville Police Department, request a police escort, and march into Ross' office and demand that she address these monstrocities. Also request a meeting with President Jorgenson and S.V.P. Steven Gates. And perhaps you might want to file a police report that NWACC is committing the federal cybercrime of insider hacking.



  1. This is a disgrace. We need to clean house in this institution. It's time for big changes.

  2. And don't forget to include NWACC's Board of Trustees. And bring your husbands and wives on board, too. This is outrageous!